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In order to help Namibian businesses, we avail our expertise in the following areas:

Website Development and Hosting in Namibia

We are Namibia's best Web Design and Development Services provider, We offer Trusted Email Hosting Services and the best SEO Reports in Namibia.

Digital Signage and Menu Boards - (EDS) in Namibia

Stand alone and integrated digital signage that help you Monetise, Improve efficiency in your company. Deploy & manage your own advertising channels easily with EDS.

Databases and Custom Development in Namibia

We take it a step further to help you in collecting and managing your information and data with Databases and Custom Web Solutions Development.

SEO and Digital/Social marketing in Namibia

When no one is visiting your website, we can help fix website SEO issues by running an SEO analysis. We also offer Online and Social Marketing.

helping namibian businesses reach their online potentials and increase customer base is our business

What we can do for you

We Design Professional Business Website, We also Provide the Best Website and Email Hosting in Namibia

We Build Your Business Website

With over 8 years in the industry, we are your best shot at getting value for money.

We Host Company Website & Emails

Stop paying exhorbitant amount monthly for hosting, we are confindent to save you money.

We can save you up to N$8000.00

We have saved our clients thousands of dollars everytime they decide to work with us.

We help you show up in search

Show up ahead of your competitors, when clients are looking for your services online.

We register your business domain

Secure your online address before someone else does. We register your domain for you.

We Create advertising channels for you

Digital Signage is the future of advertising and product promotion, be ahead of time.

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Brand that have enjoyed our expertise

We have designed and hosted for multiple brands and companies across Namibia

RichAfrica Consultancy
Washalimba logistics
Rich Africa Summit
Tour and Safari Association
Pelican parcel
Etaka Trading
Curvey couture
Javi Investments
Welwitschia Equipment Hire
Etumo Investments
Konad Trading Enterprise
Easy Concepts
Light Systems Namibia

Latest Web Related News

We discuss latest Web Trends in Namibia, the Dos and Don'ts and share Tips for growing your online presence.

Tips on Improving Website Traffic
Tips on Improving Website Traffic

It’s Internet or nothing
A great number of consumers use the internet to search for products and services they need before they make a purchase or use a service. In today’s world everyone assumes your company has a website and if its does not have one they assume it is too small to be reliable. Most of...

Why your business needs a website today.
Why your business needs a website today.

As More and more people (potential customer) are turning to the internet to search and look for products and services, more service provider are waking up to the reality of web presence. If customers can not find you online that means they will go to those they can find online, your competitors. Below we further elaborate more on...

Why your emails should carry your company brand
Why your emails should carry your company brand

Five Reasons Why You Should Brand Your Business Email

Which solar installation company would you trust to be professionals between the two email addresses below: sales[at]solarinstallation.com and solarinstallation[at]gmail.com? I will choose the first one, so will most of your target customers. Having what I...

Wakaitu Web Solutions - your preferred Web and IT Services provider
Wakaitu Web Solutions - your preferred Web and IT Services provider

Make "Wakaitu Web Solutions" your proffered Web & IT Services provider. OR simply refer a client to us and earn guaranteed commission of up to 20% of the total value of your direct referral. We develop and Deploy customised software solutions for businesses. Our target industries include: Finance, Food & Beverage, Health Care,...

Website Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Website Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Give your business unparalleled advantage, be visible in GOOGLE SEARCHES, let your website show up ahead of competitors. Let us take care of your SEO Optimization and analyse your Google Analytics data to get full insight, understand your customers and put your brand ahead of competitors for ever! We can do a full Website Performance...

Updates on WACS cable breaks repair ship reaches first of broken cables.
Updates on WACS cable breaks repair ship reaches first of broken cables.

After several days at sea, cable repair ship which is tasked with repairing both undersea cables Wacs and the South Atlantic 3/West Africa (Sat-3/Wasc) which went down on Thursday, 16 January 2020 has, reached its first break point on the WACS cable, the West Africa Cable System (Wacs). How long will it take for the cable to be...

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