Why your emails should carry your company brand

Why your emails should carry your company brand
Five Reasons Why You Should Brand Your Business Email

Which solar installation company would you trust to be professionals between the two email addresses below: sales[at]solarinstallation.com and solarinstallation[at]gmail.com? I will choose the first one, so will most of your target customers. Having what I call a professional email account shows that you are invested in your business and that you are a professional. Equally it assures the client that you are not a fly by night kind of service provider. Below we discuss further why it is important to have a custom email addresses (emails[at]yourdomain).

1. Strong First Impression

Your email address, just like your website, is your first point of contact with most of your will be customers. Using a generic email address shows a great deal of inexperience and cast doubts over whether you are serious at all. Use a custom (professional) email and assure your clients that you mean business and you are here for a foreseeable future.

2. Project a “Bigger” Image

Using a generic email address tells the clients that your business is very small, or that is is second priority. A professional email shows that you have the time and have invested resources in the business and you won't just disappear anytime.

3. Ensure Credibility and Trust

Much more critical in today's world is credibility. Generic emails have been used to among other thing, con people of their hard earned resources. Separate yourself from scammers and con artists. A professional email spells trust and credibility. Having your own domain also means that clients can run a WHOIS check on your company and that enforces the trust they have in you.

4. It is CHEAP, Contrary to most belief.

Emails can be hosted for as little as N$400.00 per year, N$33.33 per month, simply a Dollar every day. And for a price as little as that you get total peace of mind with a plug and forget email hosting services, with up to 100% up-time. Email reliability has increased over the years and has enabled companies like WAKAITU to offer high reliable email services at cheaper rates. We have hosted emails for clients whom the only time they call us is to wish us happy New Year and to renew their services with us, no complains no downtime and no email box getting full.

Emails are FREE with website hosting. All our hosting packages come with free emails addresses, meaning you do not have to pay for emails separately on top of your hosting package with us.

5. Marketing your brand/company

Apart from the marketing messages contained in the emails your send to clients, your email address also act as a marketing carrier and marketing tool at the same time. Every time you send out an email with an email address bearing your name, your are promoting your brand.

So, even how small your business might be, your brand is as important as that of large corporate companies and you can have professional emails addresses (emails@yourowndomain).